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Term 1

Role Plays


Put into groups of three, P4 became the main characters of 'The Last Noo-Noo'. Granny wanted mum to be firmer with Marlon, mum tried to reason with Marlon, but Marlon would NOT get rid of his Noo-Noo!

Picture 1

Waterfront Houses

In September, the class worked on some Claude Monet-inspired art. They drew houses and homes by a waterfront, before finishing them off with a reflection. After they had finished, P4 did a 'Gallery Walk', where they analysed each other's work.


For the topic, Home Sweet Home, the children created cover posters using Textease Studio.


Best laid plans


As part of their, 'Home Sweet Home' topic, P4 studied building plans. They learnt about the terms 'key' and 'bird's-eye view'. They then drew a plan of a room from their home.

Healthy Kiz

Each Thursday, the boys and girls are put through their paces with Healthy Kidz, improving their stamina, speed, strength, balance and flexibility. 

Fun with characters


P4 have been reading Horrid Henry and considering what kind of character he is. In his 'Perfect Day', Henry decides to try being pleasant for a change. We thought of questions we'd like to ask him, then we interviewed him in a 'Chat Show'.

Eco-Council Elections

On Wednesday 19th September, P4 elected their Eco representatives. Having designed an Eco Poster, each pupil described what they'd drawn or written. They then did a gallery walk before the vote.

Mental Maths


P4s work with numbers every day. They enjoy learning actively and getting their brains into action with a bit of fun, like finding sums in a treasure hunt or working with Numicon.

School Council Elections


On Tuesday 11th September, P4 held their School Council election. Each pupil read their 'manifesto' to the class, then everyone voted for one boy and one girl. Well done to Evie and Fionn who will represent P4 on Council.

Introduction to Home Sweet Home


P4's topic in Term 1 is 'Home Sweet Home'. At the beginning of September, the boys and girls did a carousel activity, where they wrote questions they would like the answer to. The areas within the topic are: Homes being built, Homes in the Past, Homes around the World, Energy in the Home and Craigavon- where we live.