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Term 2

The Diary Council

The Diary Council visited our class today to help us understand more about eating a healthy diet. We learnt the words and actions to a rap and really enjoyed the fun songs and games.

The Amazing Journey

We visited Craigavon Baptist Church to hear the story of The Amazing Journey. We dressed up as boys and girls from bible times and tasted food people would have eaten.

Designing our own rockets!!

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World Book Day

We all enjoyed dressing up as our favourite characters and designing a cover of our favourite book.

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Pancake Tuesday

Decorating our pancakes! A delicious treat!

Paper Mache Planets

Using balloons and glue to start our planets.

Armagh Planetarium

We had a brilliant time at Armagh Planetarium learning more about our solar system. We watched a movie, made rockets and launched them. Kayden and Malio made the rocket which travelled the furthest.


We all really enjoy HealthyKidz PE. So far we have learnt how to improve agility, co-ordination, balance, speed and strength.

We have also been choreographing our own dances to our favourite songs.

The Chocolate Challenge

We tried to eat a chocolate bar without using our hands. This was impossible until we had a friend to help us. We learnt how Jesus is a special friend who will help us and we were set a challenge to be a good friend to everyone in our class.