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Maths Fun!


Primary 1 have been working hard with their numbers and have been developing their skills through fun games like Snail Trail. The children used lots of different skills in this activity. They were following instructions, working with a partner, playing fairly, reading and interpreting the dots on a die and counting to find the corresponding number of snails. Phew! So many skills in one game and best of all it was fun, fun, fun!

Ice Exploration!


P1 were experimenting with ice in our water tray. As the weather has been so wintery and icy outside we wanted to have a look at what happens to ice indoors in the warm. We added colours to our ice cubes and watched them melt when we added warm water. What fun we had!



Walking in a Winter Wonderland


Primary 1 made the most of the wonderful snowy weather. We were able to get wrapped up and put our wellies on to enjoy some outdoor fun.

Children in Need


The boys and girls had a great time supporting Children in Need on Friday. A huge thanks to all who contributed to this worthy cause. The children heard all about the things that their money supports and coloured in a Pudsey Bear page.

🎃 Halloween Disco 👻 


The boys and girls were all dressed up in their spookiest costumes for our annual Halloween Disco.

Can you spot anyone that you know?

🎃 Halloween Play Based Learning 🎃


Primary 1 have been having lots of fun during a Play Based Learning. We have been developing our fine motor skills, working with different textures and using our observation skills as well as lots of other exciting and interesting things.


Buddy Reading


Primary 1 have been enjoying Buddy Reading with P7.  The pupils in Primary 7 are 'paired' with pupils in Primary 1 and become 'Buddies'. These buddies read to one another and discuss vocabulary in the stories.The buddy scheme is fantastic for both year groups. The P1 pupils learn so much from the older P7s and form very strong bonds. It's great to listen in to their conversations and hear the children talking openly about themselves, their hobbies and the things that have happened that day. Buddy Reading takes place on a Friday afternoon.

Early Numeracy Skills


We have been very busy settling into our P1 classroom and learning new routines. The boys' and girls' have been making new friends and getting to know their surroundings. We have been looking at 'sorting' and have been using lots of practical materials and activities. Look at how well we can sort for colour!