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Today Izak 9 was back in our classroom. The children worked in their teams to arrange all the single digit numbers in alphabetical order, placing the first number on the top left hand corner. There was a lot of discussion and logical thinking as to how to work out the problem!!

Today we were introduced to Izak9! We had great fun working with the 27 piece cube, looking for multiples of 3! We also found out how to find the Product of numbers. We had a lot of fun putting Izak9 back together with 2D shapes on each face of the cube! Team work all the way for P5/6!!!

We have been busy this year looking at numbers up to 10,000 (P6) and numbers up to 9,999 (P5). We also enjoy using the interactive to quickly find the answers.

Every Thursday is our Problem solving day. Mrs Jenkins sets us Problem Solving Activities to complete and then share with the class our findings. It is good fun and we get the opportunity Think/Pair/Share with our peers