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Term 2

Instructional Writing


P4s are writing and following instructions. They began by looking at instructions for the game, 'hopscotch.' They were then given verbal instructions for illustrations which they tried to draw as accurately as possible. Soon, P4s will be coming up with their own games and writing instructions for these.

Internet research


P4s have been using 'Fronter' to carry out research on their new topic, 'We are at War'. In January, they were given questions on the Blitz, which they had to research.

Student of the Week

In the new term, P4 will be having a Student of the Week, each week.

Money, money, money!


Using pretend money, a pretend till, and some exciting products for sale, P4C have been shopping. The pupils have been learning about making amounts using different coins, adding coins together and working out change. They have also been studying the new designs on the back of the £2.00 coins.