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Learning Activities April 20th - 1 st May

                                      Welcome Back to Term 3

20th April - 1st May


Welcome back! I trust you are well and are enjoying the lovely weather. I have outlined our learning topics for the next two weeks. BBC Bitesize are beginning  a new Schools programme today (20th April) and I think it would be very useful. Take a look at it.  


Spellings: weeks 23 and 24

Reading: see link on main class page



  • The children should be learning how to add  and subtract TU numbers not involving any carry at this early stage. If you are confident you can show them how this is done. It will be covered again whenever we are back in school so please don't stress if you feel  it is too difficult for your child.
  • Recognise half of a shape, find half of a number.
  • Recognise a quarter of shapes.
  • Revise 2d and 3d shapes (see pages 1 to 4 of maths book.)



WAU/ Literacy: Spring Book

This booklet has lots of little activities to complete all about spring. It includes our literacy activities for these 2 weeks. 


These are a few useful links for on-line learning.



I have given each child their 'I Can Write' book from class. They can write their own stories, poems etc as they want. In this book there is one rule: MISTAKES DON'T MATTER! We are encouraging every child to try and to enjoy writing!

There is an extra blank exercise book, this is for you to use at home for your own activities.!


Remember to continue with the extra learning booklets in your pack. The children can work on these at their own pace:


Numeracy: Spring Revision book

                  mental maths strips

                  Number book


Literacy:    phonics (1 page per day)

                  Literacy activity book