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Tuesday 26th May


Monday 25th May is a bank holiday!  

Remember you are officially off school!smiley


This week our learning areas are:



  • We should be learning to subtract tens and units where we need decomposition. This is probably our most difficult topic in P3. Watch the video and see if you can follow it but there's no problem with leaving it to P4!
  • Measure: We are learning to measure amounts of liquid (capacity).  This is a great activity for outside in the garden or at the kitchen sink! try to find a measuring jug and a variety of containers. Can you measure how much they hold? Is your answer in litres or millilitres?
  • Remember to keep up your Mathletics! 


  • We are learning how to use commas in lists. 
  • Spellings week 28
  • We are learning about plants and vegetables. This is an explore activity. Choose your favourite fruit or vegetable. Use the internet or books to find out about how it grow. Illustrate with a lovely picture.
  • keep using 'Teach Your Monster To Read.' This is a fun game which will revise P3 phonics.


  • We have been looking at animals on the farm, now its time to think about fruit and vegetables!


  • Which fruit and vegetables do we grow in Northern Ireland?


  • How many fruit and vegetables can you name? Can you find out where they come from?


  • Are there any you could grow at home? I've been enjoying my time in the garden learning to grow some vegetables, fruit and flowers. Can you guess what I've been growing?
  • Send me in photos of what you've been up to in the garden.


  • Can you cut out the pictures in the page below and put them in order. Match the correct text to the pictures. Stick them in your exercise book.


 In your learing pack you will find activities on Wheat and fruit farms. Complete these if you haven't already done so.


Can you guess what I've been growing?

Casey has been busy in her garden too! Wow! Well done Casey

Mindfulness colouring sheets for you to print.

Our topic in June will be minibeasts, keep a look out in your garden for who might live there or maybe even begin to think about building a bug hotel?