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Learning Activities 4th May



Welcome back!


This is a new style of learning for everybody and I am trying to see what is best for you!


  • Some prefer interactive activities so on main class page we have made links to great websites.
  • Some of you have printers so can print out pages and complete them.
  • Others prefer Google classroom, on this there are activties for you to  answer on-line, links to websites and pages to print.
  • Others prefer to use a blank page and just write down the answers!
  • Remember to continue with the workbooks you were given ( Phonics, maths, literacy etc )


  • All of these ways are equally great!  Do what is best for you!





I will continue to suggest new activities on a weekly basis, I dont expect you to do everything, please choose what is the best for  you!

Most important of all is that you KEEP READING!


Activities Week beginning 4th May:



Spellings : week 25


Grammar: Verbs


In class we would have been reading 'Snakes and Ladders' by Michael Morpurgo.


You choose your own book to read!

  • Draw your favourite part of the story.
  • Think of and write 5 questions to ask a character! ( remember those question marks!)
  • Draw your favourite character, describe them.
  • Find 10 great words from the story, what do they mean?
  • Complete a book review for the book ( see attached example).



  • Revise number facts within 20, you really need to learn these off!
  • Complete data handling activities (p 5 and 6 in workbook)
  • Continue with Mathletics, this is great practice!


WAU: Living Things

Think of groups of living things (plants, mammals etc)

Sort animals into groups

Find out as much as you can about animal groups: reptiles, fish, ammals etc


Please use bitesize for super videos!

I have outlined the new topic on main page, have a look!



This weeks school challenge is to make a piece of 'Junk Art!'  Gather up akll those bits and pieces and see what you can create. Remember to send us some photos!



Sort animals into groups