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Miss Gates

Welcome to Primary 2G!

Teacher: Miss Gates

Assistant: Miss Harvey



This year we will be providing snack for our Primary twos. It is a cost of £2.00 per week and we provide a variety of different snack at day. A menu is up on our class window to allow you to see what is provided for your child each day. Please send £2.00 in an enclosed envelope with your child's  name on it every Monday.


Dinners- £2.60 per day. Please send correct dinner money in on Monday morning, this needs to be in an enclosed envelope with your child's name on it.



Golden time is every Friday. Children are allowed to bring a SMALL toy in to play with.


P.E days are Mondays and Fridays. Your child may wear the school tracksuit. Our p2's only change their shoes for P.E.


Homework is given out every Monday for the week. Homework bags do not need to be brought back until Friday morning. Reading books should be kept in your child's schoolbag as we aim to do reading daily.











0ur first day in

Primary two!

Picture 1

Making Numbers


Shared Education


We have been working with Tullygally PS for our shared Education. Before Halloween we got to visit their school and take part in lots of lovely activities. They now have been coming to visit our school and take part in activities as well as working with another pupil at Tullygally. The children have loved taking part and have made friends with children at Tullygally! 


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Craft in Primary


Christmas in


Craft fair

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Christmas trip to

Navan fort