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Home School Learning Weekly Task Grids

Home Learning January 2021


Due to another time of school closure due to Covid-19 we have compiled a Home Learning Pack to help your child maintain their learning over the next number of weeks. This pack will be used along with scheduled activities using the online learning provided through Seesaw.


A long period of time off school requires a child/ children to receive their educational experiences remotely from within the home setting and responsibility for this will be with parents, carers and family members.

Please try, therefore, to include some educational activities in your plans every day and to set a routine to help your child understand the current situation.


Daily Literacy and Numeracy activities will be of the most importance. Activities for both these areas of learning have been included in the Home Learning Pack along with a list of websites which may be accessed for further ideas, activities and also for interactive games. Reading books may be accessed through the use of Collins e-books. Teach your Monster To Read is also another resource which can be used to help with Literacy skills. Use of the Mathletics app will help with Numeracy skills.


Weekly activity grids will be posted on Seesaw and on the Class web page at the start of a school week. Please set aside time each day to complete the activity tasks assigned to your child.


If you should need to contact me please do so via Seesaw and I will try to help in whatever way possible.


Your support with Home Learning is very much appreciated.

Please take care and stay safe at this challenging time. smiley

Miss Gates


Please find set out below weekly tasks/ activities for Home Learning. Each day is detailed as to the activities to be completed.

We hope you have fun learning from home! Take care and  happy learning! smiley         smiley                smiley            smiley                 smiley              smiley              smiley                smiley            smiley