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Oats So Simple


P1H have been focusing on the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have been thinking about the characters and have even been trying our hand at some cooking! The boys and girls helped to make some of baby bear’s porridge but instead of Goldilocks tasting it they did! The children thought that the porridge was ‘just right’ and gobbled it all up.

Drumgor Post Office


Our new topic for Term1b is the ‘Post Office’. We have been learning about the important job that post men and women do, the journey a letter takes and post transport today and in the past. We have even made our own post office in the classroom! I can assure you that with these posties everything will arrive on time.

We Love Learning!


P1H love to try out their new skills and knowledge. We have been working through lots of fun practical activities to practise our phonics and numbers.

Halloween Fun in P1


P1Hu have been experiencing lot of Halloween Fun and activities this week. They have been carving pumpkins, making ghosts, matching shapes and of course our Halloween party.

Calm Critters

As part of our Shared Education programme we have been making friends with the children in Tullygally Primary Schools P1 class. Through the programme we have been looking at mindfulness and ways that we can get in touch with our emotions. Today we made some calm critters. We think they look wonderful and they can be a friend to tell our worries to.

Picture 1
Picture 2

On an Autumn Walk


Primary 1Hu went on an autumn walk around the school grounds to look at the lovely changes in the season. We noticed how the leaves were changing colour and some were beginning to fall. The children spotted some red berries on the trees and the apples on the apples trees in our little orchard.


We have been recapping over colours and are learning how to sort. Today we were sorting for blue and red.


Welcome to Primary 1! The children have been settling into school routines and getting used to their new surrounding. Be sure to check on our class page regularly to see what we have been getting up to. There are also useful websites, information and ideas on our page to help support your child during their time in P1Hu.