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Our Trip to the Farm


Primary 1 and 2 visited The Ark Farm on Wed 19th June. We had a lovely day and met lots of friendly animals. The children were able to help feed some very greedy goats, hold chicks, pet a fluffy bunny and they also met some strange and interesting exotic creatures such as a bearded dragon, a tortoise and an African tree squirrel.

Sports Day


Sports day was a little wet and wild this year but we made the best of the weather and the children enjoyed themselves. Pop over to the 'School Gallery' page to see if you can spot someone you know taking part.

Easter Fun


Primary 1Hu have been learning about Easter traditions, festivals and the season of Spring. We have been making chocolate playdough, going on Easter egg hunts, working in groups to find all the missing eggs, counting chicks, filling and emptying eggs in the water tray and much more!

Break The Rules Day

Break The Rules Day 1
Break The Rules Day 2

Ladybird Addition


What a bunch of clever clogs we have in P1Hu! We have been working hard with our addition skills through lots of different activities. We have been adding practically, pictorially and we have been looking at solving addition problems. The boys and girls have loved using their addition ladybirds to help them make and solve addition sums.

Knights, Castles and Dragons


The boys and girls have been learning all about Castles in WAU and have been having lots of fun with this topic during Play Based Learning. We have been hearing the stories The King’s Pudding, Jack and the Beanstalk, planting our own beanstalks, building castles of different heights and adding beans in our numeracy.

World Book Day


The children in P1Hu really embraced World Book Day by dressing up as characters from their favourite book. The children brought their favourite book into class and we shared a few of these stories throughout the day.

A Flipping Great Day


P1Hu celebrated Pancake day on Tues 5 March. We learned a little about Shrove Tuesday and the ingredients needed to make a pancake. The children helped to add and mix the ingredients and of course they helped with the most important part....the taste test! We had lots of different toppings to choose from and enjoyed sampling them on top of our pancake.


Love is in the Air


P1Hu have been 'sharing the love' this week and have been making Valentine's cards for those they care about. They worked really hard to create a card using a technique called pointillism, where they used a cotton bud to create lots of tiny dots in the shape of a heart. The children were very pleased with their art work and I think you would agree that they are truly special and unique.

It’s a jungle out there!


This term P1 are exploring the topic of the jungle. The children have been learning about the types of animals that live in the jungle, where in the world jungles are found and what jungles look and feel like. We have been having lots of fun during Play Based learning  with our jungle theme.



Winter Wonderland Trip


Primary 1 had a fun packed day on Friday when they went on their Christmas trip to W5's Winter Wonderland. There were lots of fun and exciting things to do and of course Santa was there to make sure the boys and girls were having a great day.

Oh We Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day!


Christmas has arrived in P1Hu. The boys and girls have been busy decorating the Christmas tree and preparing their Christmas craft for the fair. Our role play area has been transformed into Santa’s Workshop and we have an elf who has popped in to watch over us. He came all the way from the North Pole!


Puzzles and Fun


We have been putting all our new knowledge to good use and have been playing lots of fun puzzles and games with our friends. We have been using lots of different skills like working with others, taking turns, applying our phonics and much more.

Halloween Fun


P1H have had some creepy additions to our classroom. Spiders, skeletons and even eyeballs have been spotted! The boys and girls have been carving pumpkins and creating some firework pictures.

Buddy Reading


Each year pupils in Primary 7 are 'paired' with pupils in Primary 1 and become ‘Reading Buddies'. These buddies read to one another and discuss vocabulary in the stories. 

The buddy scheme is a fantastic opportunity for both the P1 and P7 pupils where they have the opportunity to interact with each other, make a new friend and learn from other children. It's great to listen in to their conversations and hear the children talking openly about themselves, their hobbies and the things that have happened that day.

This year P1Hu and P7R have been paired together and have been enjoying getting to know each other and sharing stories in class.

🐝Busy Bees🐝


The boys and girls have been busy learning lots of new and interesting things since starting in P1H. We have been learning phonic sounds, the correct way to hold a pencil, how to make patterns and how to sort objects for different criteria. We have been having lots of fun inside the classroom and have been taking our learning outside.


🍁🍂Autumn Leaves Are Falling 🍁🍂


Primary 1H went on a lovely autumn walk. We were on the look out for autumn colours, leaves on the ground and leaves on the trees starting to change colour. The boys and girls spotted lots of lovely red berries for the birds to eat and we even visited our school apple trees. Many of the apples were ripe enough to eat and we collected some to take back to class. After our walk we painted autumn trees and used corks to print the leaves.