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Mrs Dumigan / Mrs Traynor

Look! Mrs Traynor's boys and girls got their certificate for working hard this year in Nursery. We hope everyone has a lovely summer and we wish everyone well in their new P1 class next year.

Miss Ogle's class are very happy with their certificates for working so hard this year in Nursery! Have a lovely summer and good luck in Primary 1!

Jonathan brought in a birds nest to show us. His Aunt found it in her shed!

We loved our Bouncy Castle and picnic day!

Bouncy Castle day!

Our Nursery Sports Day! Thank you for coming to cheer us on!

Nursery Classes.

This week we have been learning about tasting! We went to the dentist to learn how to look after our teeth!

We went to visit the dentist today. She showed us how to keep our teeth healthy. We each got a lovely toothbrush.

Finding out about different textures and smells in Nursery

Our classroom smells lovely this week!

We had great fun learning about TOUCH in school!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our Peppa Pig Muddy Puddle Walk. We raised an amazing £168 for Save the Children and had a lovely walk at Tannaghmore Gardens!

We had a lovely day on our Peppa Pig Muddle Walk in Tannaghmore Gardens and raised lots of money for Save the Children!

We enjoyed using our listening stones to listen for sounds around school.

We made a listening stone and went on a listening walk.

We enjoyed our Easter party and egg hunt!

We made Easter cards and buns!

Our creations

We love our music sessions with Jillian!

We made cress creatures! Watch out for their hair growing - it will need some water to help it on its way!

Miss Ogle's class enjoyed their Spring Walk!

Happy Mother's Day to all our mummies!!

We went on a Spring walk. We saw daffodils, new buds and leaves and the sun was shining too!

We planted onions....don't forget to water them!!

Our fire engines

We made Fire Engines out of junk art!

We dressed up as our favourite characters for World Book Day!

We had a visit from Dr Armstrong. She told us about her job looking after people who are sick.

We dressed up for World Book Day

yum! pancakes and syrup for snack today

Julia's mum came to visit us in Nursery. She told us about her job as a doctor.

The Police came to visit us

We have been visiting the People Who Help Us in School

We walked to the Post Office to post our cards

We made Valentine's Day treats

Making our Valentine's Day Cards

Construction time in Nursery

We made bird cake for the birds during Winter

Our Winter Walk

We had great fun at our Christmas Party

Our trip to Santas Grotto

We have made lovely Christmas cards for our families...we hope you like them!!

We made reindeer food to sprinkle on the grass on Christmas Eve to help Santa and the reindeers find their way!

A Little Nativity

Decorating our class Christmas tree

Making Christmas trees

Making chocolate apples

Some children were able to hold the kestrel at the birds of prey show

dress up day for Halloween

making pizzas

vegetable prints

Our autumn walk

Pumpkin Carving

settling in at Nursery