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Mrs Sands

Collection of Reports and Belongings


*Attention all parents* 

Please see information below regarding dates and times for the collection of end of year reports, workbooks and belongings. 
* Wednesday 24th June- Nursery, P1, P2 & P3 (from external classroom doors) 10.00-12.00
* Thursday 25th June P4 + P5 (from senior playground) 10.00-12.00
* Friday 26th June P6 + P7 (from senior playground) 10.00-12.00

We will endeavour where possible to accommodate families with children in more than one year group. 

Please note- strict social distancing must be adhered to at all times. We look forward to seeing you all.

Home Grown Produce!
Obstacle Course Challenge!

Congratulations to Adrija!!! Adrija has been awarded a certificate for become a Multi-Millionaire Reader!!!


Well done Adrija, we are all very proud of your achievement.

Drumgor Virtual Sports Day

Still image for this video
Dear parent, hopefully your child(ren) will have seen our Sports Day demonstration video. We would love to see pupils doing theirs as well. Please email me videos of your child doing no more than 2 of the events, and each video being not more than 10 seconds long.

We appreciate the number of pupils, across the whole school, who we are engaging with this, which is why we are setting some limits in what we receive. Have fun!

Busy Litter Pickers!!

Filip has been very busy collecting litter where he lives.  This shows how many people do not use the bins provided!!

Delicious Baking and a Record of Covid-19 Lockdown!!!



If you cannot access Google Classroom your Literacy tasks are in the Literacy star, Numeracy tasks are in the Numeracy start and WAU tasks are in the Rainforests star!!

Outdoor painting, colouring and some baking!!
Fun at Home!!!

P6 Residential Trip to Kilbroney


Sadly this trip did not happen due to Lockdown and I know some of you have paid some or all of the cost.  Mrs McKeown has or will be in contact with you via email to give you an option of having your money returned to you or allowing it to remain in the school account to be used towards the P7 trip.


If you have any more questions regarding this you can email me or Mrs McKeown.

Mental Health Awareness Week. 


This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the focus is Kindness.

When you have some are time try to copy the image on the poster and see what you can add to it about being kind. What do you do to be kind to your self? Maybe you go for a cycle, read a book, cook or bake or play with your family. It is so important to be kind to other people and seeing kindness in our class room is something I love to see. At the minute we are all missing the things we normally do and places we usually go so it is important to be kind to ourselves too. We need to make sure we stay happy and don't worry about anything.

Please send me photographs of you and your own design of a poster and I will share them on our class page.

Mrs Sands

WAU - Food and Germs


We have been studying Food as our WAU topic and completed an activity at home to see how dirty our hands can be.  The germs on our hands have been transferred onto the bread and you can see them grow by the blue / black mould!!

Rainbows and P.E.!!
Letter to P6 from Mrs Sands
PE Challenge!!
Well done to those of you who took part in the PE Challenge!!
P6S are thankful for so many things.  Thank you for all of your lovely pictures.
Egg Experiment - Who can drop the egg without it breaking???
Reading in Strange Places!!!
Perfect Potato People!!
P6 Working Hard At Home!!

Smartie Tube Competition

Leaders in the P6 competition - Mia and Jack are the first pupils to fill their Smartie tubes in P6S.

Food Art

Armagh Planetarium Visit

P6 had a busy, fun and educational visit to Armagh Planetarium today. They travelled by bus and didn't waste the opportunity to rehearse their songs for the Christmas Musical during the entire journey to Armagh!! 


The first experience of the day was the dome, where they learnt more about the Solar System and took a tour around space, looking at galaxies, constellations and each of the planets. The children then designed and made rockets which they launched from the rocket launcher.  Leonardo and Thibault designed the most 'aerodynamic rocket' which was propelled a great distance in the grounds of the Planetarium.


Another exciting part of the trip was a visit to the 'Mars Room' where the children had the opportunity to try on Spacesuits and pretend to be an astronaut.


After eating lunch they stood inside an astronauts suit and bought some souvenirs from the shop.


They are now even more knowledgeable about the Solar System!!!

Armagh Planetarium

P6 are visiting Armagh Planetarium on Thursday 21st November.


Cost is £10 and a packed lunch is required. Those in receipt of Free School Meals will receive a packed lunch from the canteen. 


Brownlow Library 
Today we completed our three visits to Brownlow Library.  So far we have learnt about fiction and non-fiction books and today we learnt how to use the computers.  We researched several authors and discovered some interesting facts.  Some of us borrowed books to keep up busy and improve our Accelerated Reader scores!!

Class Assembly


All parents are welcome to join us on Friday 8th November for our P6 assembly.

Halloween Fun


We have enjoyed the last day of this half term by carving pumpkins.  The planning stage was a struggle with so many designs to choose from but each group finalised their plans and produced fantastic carved pumpkins.  Mr Calvert was our judge and decided on our winning team; Jonas, Benas J, Daniel, Filip, and William.


Well Done to everyone - enjoy your half term holiday.  We will see you on Monday 4th November when we will be preparing for our class assembly on Friday 8th November.

Data Collection


We used our data from counting Smarties to transfer the information into a pictogram.

Golden Time Fun


We worked very hard this week to complete numeracy and literacy assessments so Golden Time was very much appreciated. 

Data Collection.


We counted the number of smarties in our tubes and separated them into colour groups. We collated the data in a frequency table before we calculated the average and range of the number of smarties across the class groups.