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Mrs King

Welcome to Primary 3

Mrs King 


                            I’m so proud I was your teacher.
                            I’ve watched you learn and grow.
                         We worked so hard and had such fun.
                               How fast the time did go!
                               Our year was interrupted,
                           And it seemed too soon to part.
                           Just know that you will always,
                        Have a special place within my heart!

Summer Holiday Time!


I am not putting up any new activities for this week.
I think we all deserve a little break!

Thank you for taking the time to complete the activities on Google Classroom and from our website, I think all of our ICT skills have improved greatly. It has been great to see such good work going on.


I hope all of you have a lovely break this summer, you have been a wonderful P3 class and I'm sure you will really enjoy P4 with Mrs Jenkins.


If any of you have not collected your reports or belongings from school, please do so as soon as possible as the building will close for summer.


Enjoy your holiday!

Mrs King

Important Information

Attention all parents*
Please see information below regarding dates and times for the collection of end of year reports, workbooks and belongings. It might be useful to bring a plastic bag to collect their books and belongings.


* Wednesday 24th June- Nursery, P1, P2 & P3 (from external classroom doors) 10.00-12.00


* Thursday 25th June P4 + P5 (from senior playground) 10.00-12.00


* Friday 26th June P6 + P7 (from senior playground) 10.00-12.00


Parents with more than one pupil, who wish to collect their items together, should do so on the allocated day of their eldest child. We would ask that you confirm this with their individual teachers, to ensure that the reports and books are passed on.


Please note- strict social distancing must be adhered to at all times. We look forward to seeing you all.
Take Care

Guste is our First CHAMPION READER!

Well Done Guste!


Mathletics Gold for Laura!

Well done Laura!

This is a great achievement. I will post the full scores for the last 2 weeks on Monday. At the minute we have Ela on silver and a few bronze (maybe we could get a few more by Monday!)



Can you remember to keep sending me photos of what you've been planting in your garden? I would love to see them on our facebook page.

           Useful Websites

Healthy Snack Champions

Healthy Snack Champions 1

Four in a row! P3K win the healthy snack award four months in a row!