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Mrs McCusker

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.

Good luck P7! We will miss you.

Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Places!

Attention all parents.


We will be giving out hoodies (from the senior playground) on Friday, 26th June, between 10-12pm. This is also the time to collect your child's end of year report, workbooks and any other belongings.


We will endeavour, where possible, to accommodate families with children in more than one year group.


Please note - strict social distancing must be adhered to at all times. I will look forward to seeing you all.


Stay safe!



We have 1 full week of school left. Let's make it as much fun as possible!  smiley The daily challenges were a huge success last week, and already today, I have received fab photos and even some videos of your new challenges. You guys are super! smileyyes

Golden Time will be every day at 2pm.smileyyessmiley

Another hard week of work P7.Thank you all so much for your efforts. We only have 1 full week of school left! laugh

Congratulations to Jack for getting a Bronze Mathletics certificate. All certificates and photos can be viewed in the gallery. Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Zoom - June - Celebrating our new high schools!

Zoom - Literacy 09 June - Working hard on our spellings

You have all worked brilliantly this week. Well done everyone! It was great to get to chat to you about your new schools and to see you all so excited. I am very proud of you all!

 A special mention to Lily, Jack and Thom who all got their Bronze Mathletics certificates. All photos and certificates are in the Home Learning gallery. Have a fab weekend!

Leavers' Hoodies - School will be open, Thursday, 4 June, from 9 - 11am for cash payments. Money must be in an envelope with child's name and the size required written on the front.

Carlingford refunds and payment of hoodies - Letter for Parents, 29 May.

Well done P7 - You are super!

On the week that we should have been in Carlingford, you have done extremely well to keep working so hard, especially in the hot weather. Well done to Thom and Jack for their Silver Mathletics certificates. A huge thank you for all your photos and videos. Please keep emailing them in. Have a lovely weekend!

Leavers' Hoodies Letter for Parents

Well done to Lily and Jack for achieving their bronze Mathletics certificates. You can view your certificates in the gallery.

A special mention to Lily who has now reached 250 000 words in Accelerated Reading. That is just fantastic. A big round of applause for you!

Super work this week P7! I You really deserve to have Monday off next week.

Well done P7 on another successful week of remote learning. I really enjoyed our Literacy Zoom lesson and your poetry work was excellent. yes


It is always nice on Fridays to end the week with a Zoom catch up. Thanks to Benny, I learned how to use my snipping tool today to capture a picture of some of us.  smiley


Mathletics certificates can be viewed in the gallery. Well done to Lily, Eileen and Jack on achieving a Bronze certificate this week.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Another successful week!

Everyone has worked really well this week, well done!  smiley Our Zoom quiz was a huge success and I will look forward to seeing you on Monday for our Literacy lesson.

Mathletics certificates are in the gallery and I have to say congratulations to Jack smiley who was the top scorer in the school this week! 

We had our first Zoom meeting today and it was such fun! How lovely it was to all be together again, even Mrs Mc Cann was able to join us! It was just lovely to see all your happy smiling faces. We will see each other again next week. Have a fab weekend!
Parents, how are you all doing? I hope there have been enough activities to keep all your children busy. I have added another link for you. It is from Ben Fogle who is doing a live class at 4pm each day and this is a time when you can make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and breathe! You are all doing a fantastic job! Tomorrow is Friday!!!! Yay!!!!  smiley
Good morning everyone! We are about to start our PE session with Joe Wicks! Hope as many of you as possible can join us. Just click on the link below in'Useful Links' Come on!  smiley It will be fun and will set us up for our work today! STAY IN & STAY SAFE!   smileysmiley
Good morning P7! I hope you are all well and are managing to work through your Home Learning Packs as best you can. Can you all do me a favour?  smileyCan you all log in to Google Classroom so that I know you have access and that you are able to see the tasks set. Thank you to all those who have been leaving messages and completing the challenges.  smiley
Unfortunately due to the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus we have had to cancel our trips to the cinema tomorrow and the Ulster Museum next Tuesday. Thank you all for your support in these difficult and uncertain times.

Welcome to P7 McC

Everyone has started the second term well and are all keen to learn about Mexico which is our topic this term. Please take time each week to check out our class page.

Congratulations to our P7 boys who celebrated their Service of Light today

Some of us dressed up as our favourite book characters for World Book Day.

Gimme 5 visited P7 today and gave us great advice on how to look after our mental health.

We have our first smartie tube filled.

Well done Jack!

"If only I had put gel in my hair this morning"


Our new sensory box has arrived in class thanks to Dylan and Mrs Chambers. We were also given a tour of the Discovery Space dome, we are all excited to have these facilities in our school.

We revised Bearings today using Izak 9.

Great team work P7!


The Smartie Challenge has started for P7 and 20ps are flying in! Thank you for your support.

The children enjoyed making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday.

2 from our class with their Silver Mathletics Certificates 

 P7 winner of the Discovery Space Competition

As our topic is Mexico we are studying the Artist Frida Kahlo.

We enjoyed painting her portrait.

Well done P7!

2nd Place in the Global Citizenship Project.

Our structure was Highly Commended.

It was good fun building it

Shared Education - Healthy Community  Session 3+4

Congratulations to Malio for winning the tablet in the Brownlow High School competition.

Problem Solving - sorting out the timeline of the Aztecs as part of our WAU topic.

Shared Education - Session 2

Healthy mind - We all really enjoyed our yoga session.

P7 have started their 'Critical Literacy Project' with The Irish News

For our first Shared Education session we focused on 'Healthy Body'. We did a workout ( Phew!!!) and then researched the functions of the heart and the lungs!

We have started our new term positively by making our resolutions.

Paired Reading has started with P1/2B. Mrs Brown said that our class was fantastic!

Mrs Stevenson from Brownlow came to visit us today to tell us about their Open Night on Monday 13th January.

Killicomaine came out to visit us today. They had lots of information to share with us. It was great to see some familiar faces from Drumgor.

W5 came and did our Assembly on Global Citizenship. We were lucky to have a workshop where we learnt Spanish from Carolina. Then we used circuits and finished with building an earthquake tower using Kinect.

Finished our Titanic topic.

We loved making the model ships.

We would like to wish all the pupils in P7McC a very peaceful and happy Christmas! Thank you to all the parents and carers for your support this term. Just a reminder that we are back in school on Monday, 6th January and we will have PE on that day.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Pupils who successfully completed the Winter Trail

Some of us got our Swimming Badges

Preparing for our Craft Fair

Thank you gift to Megan from the YMCA

Fun day at the YMCA

P7 Taster Day at Lismore

Starting to build the Titanic

Eigi, our class elf has arrived

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Children in Need


Some of us dressed up in Children in need clothes!

Emilijus was our class winner in the Children in Need colouring-in competition!

Wednesday was our Sentinus day in Brownlow High School. We enjoyed building cars, making solar fairground rides and firing our rockets.
Global Citizenship Project

Our class has been chosen to take part in the Siesmic Citizenship project. There are only 7 classes in the whole of Northern Ireland and we are lucky enough to be one of them.

On Wednesday we spent the day in W5. We met our language assistant, Carolina, who is from Mexico. We learnt a little bit of Spanish and the Mexican culture. Carolina told us about her country and how they had earthquakes everyday in Mexico. She is going to be visiting our school and doing an assembly. We have 6 weeks of this project so keep a look out on our page for all our news and photos.

 Happy Halloween to everyone! Have a restful Half Term break.

P7 made a visit to the Book Fair today

Heads Down, Thumbs Up - Warm Up game for our 4th YMCA session

Exploring the properties of 3D Shapes as part of Maths Week

Our first music lesson today - 'HAPPY' by Pharrell Williams got everyone dancing and thinking about what makes them happy.
What a busy week we have had! On Thursday morning we had our Resilience workshop with Paula from Barnardo's. Thursday afternoon we started our YMCA programme with Megan and on Friday it was our class Assembly. You have worked so hard this week! Well done and have a lovely weekend.

Our Class Assembly

YMCA Programme with Megan

Resilience Workshop with Barnardo's

 We have now started our paired reading with P3O'H.

Monday morning (23rd Sept) testing started for Healthy Kidz

Problem Solving with Izak 9. Great team work today P7!

A Robin came to visit us today! That's how special P7McC are!