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Mrs McCusker

Welcome to P7 McC

We are all really excited about working with our new class. They are all looking so smart in their uniforms. Everyone has started the first term well and are all keen to learn about The Titanic which is our topic this term. Please take time each week to check out our class page.

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P7 Taster Day at Lismore

Starting to build the Titanic

Eigi, our class elf has arrived

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Decorating the Christmas Tree

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Children in Need


Some of us dressed up in Children in need clothes!

Emilijus was our class winner in the Children in Need colouring-in competition!

Wednesday was our Sentinus day in Brownlow High School. We enjoyed building cars, making solar fairground rides and firing our rockets.
Global Citizenship Project

Our class has been chosen to take part in the Siesmic Citizenship project. There are only 7 classes in the whole of Northern Ireland and we are lucky enough to be one of them.

On Wednesday we spent the day in W5. We met our language assistant, Carolina, who is from Mexico. We learnt a little bit of Spanish and the Mexican culture. Carolina told us about her country and how they had earthquakes everyday in Mexico. She is going to be visiting our school and doing an assembly. We have 6 weeks of this project so keep a look out on our page for all our news and photos.

 Happy Halloween to everyone! Have a restful Half Term break.

P7 made a visit to the Book Fair today

Heads Down, Thumbs Up - Warm Up game for our 4th YMCA session

Exploring the properties of 3D Shapes as part of Maths Week

Our first music lesson today - 'HAPPY' by Pharrell Williams got everyone dancing and thinking about what makes them happy.
What a busy week we have had! On Thursday morning we had our Resilience workshop with Paula from Barnardo's. Thursday afternoon we started our YMCA programme with Megan and on Friday it was our class Assembly. You have worked so hard this week! Well done and have a lovely weekend.

Our Class Assembly

Our Class Assembly 1

YMCA Programme with Megan

Resilience Workshop with Barnardo's

 We have now started our paired reading with P3O'H.

Monday morning (23rd Sept) testing started for Healthy Kidz

Problem Solving with Izak 9. Great team work today P7!

A Robin came to visit us today! That's how special P7McC are!

A Robin came to visit us today! That's how special P7McC are! 1
A Robin came to visit us today! That's how special P7McC are! 2
A Robin came to visit us today! That's how special P7McC are! 3