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P1 Mrs Hughes

Welcome to Primary 1Hu

Welcome to our class page. We are so looking forward to the year ahead and will be showcasing our fantastic work on our webpage. As well as pictures we have also shared some useful website links and documents in the 'stars' below.


Mrs Hughes (Teacher)

Mrs Dougan (Classroom Assistant)

Break The Rules Day!

Drumgor Primary School were rule breakers on Thursday 27th May...but all for a good cause. The children came to school wearing their casual clothes, with crazy hair and full of ‘silliness’. P1H enjoyed the day by having extended playtimes and an ice lolly in the sunshine. Thank you to everyone who donated to our chosen charities of Aspire and ReachNI.

Castles, Knights and Dragons

We have been learning our Castles, Knights and dragons in our WAU topic. During Play based learning the children made some fantastic fire breathing dragons after hearing the story ‘The Extremely Greedy Dragon’.

Playground Fun 

P1H were outside enjoying the sunshine at snack time. We. Took some chalk out and the children were very creative making beautiful pictures and working on their numbers.

Green Fingers In Drumgor

Primary 1H got their hands dirty this week and planted some alphabet tin flowers to brighten up our outdoor play area. The children each have a letter of the alphabet with a flower to look after, water and watch blossom over the next few week.


Giraffes Can’t Dance

Primary 1 have been learning about the Jungle as their WAU topic. Today we heard the story of Giraffes’s Can’t Dance. We chatted about how the animals were wrong to laugh at Gerald and how it’s important to have confidence. The children wrote a sentence about Gerald and drew some fantastic giraffe pictures.

Easter Chicks

As part of our Easter crafts P1Hu made some Easter chicks. We used forks to create the fluffy print effect then added the eyes, break and legs. Don’t they look great?!

Easter Egg Hunt

Primary 1 were hunting for Easter eggs today. They had lots of fun searching high and low for our hidden eggs. The children used lots of skills during this activity. Using visual clues, managing information and working as part of a team and all whilst having fun! Great work P1Hu.


Day Dream Believers

P1H have been making dreamcatchers during remote learning. Hopefully these will help to catch good vibes and dreams as we prepare of our return to the classroom.

Snow Much Fun!

P1 made the most of the snowy weather this week and got wrapped up in their winter clothes and headed outside. They were building snowmen building, having snowball fights and lots of sleighing. It looks like everyone had lots of fun!

Floating and Sinking

P1Hu were investigating floating and sinking as part of their WAU remote learning. The children made their own boats and tested to see if they floated. They then added more and more items into their boat to see how much it would take to make it sink. 

Jack Frost

As part of our Remote Learning the boys and girls have been thinking about Winter. They heard the story of Jack Frost then wrote a sentence about Jack. Look at some of the fantastic Jack Frost pictures the children created! 

Stick Man

Today we heard the story of ‘Stick Man’. We got our wellies on and went outside to look for sticks to make our very own Stick Man. The children had lots of fun and their creations are fantastic!

Christmas Jumper Day

What better way to get into the Christmas spirit than with Christmas jumpers. The children and staff worn their jumpers to raise money for local groups ApireNI and Reach who do great work in our school. We had lots of fun taking part in Christmas activities, watching a pantomime and had a delicious Christmas dinner in the dinner hall.

Festive Fun in P1

We are getting into the Christmas spirit in P1H. The children have been taking part in some Christmas crafts, making gingerbread play dough and having fun in Jack Frost’s tuff tray. Our class elf, Elfie was keeping a close eye on all our goings on.

Children in Need

The children in P1H were helping to raise money for Children in Need 2020 by having a non uniform day. We took part in lots of fun activities to recognise this fantastic cause. The children completed a Pudsey colour by number activity, heard a Pudsey and Blossom story and then took part in a Joe Wicks fundraising workout as part of PE. What a busy but excellent day!

Wonderful Writers

We have been working hard on our fine motor and pencil control skills and have been mark making throughout term 1a. Today’s story was ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears‘ and the children had a go at illustrating their own pictures from the story. Some fantastic skills on show. We had a go at making some of the three bears porridge and we enjoyed it so much we even had a second helping! Well done to everyone.


Happy half term and Halloween to everyone. We haven’t been able to do all our usual fun things in school but it’s safe to say everyone has been busy at home and having a great time carving pumpkins, dressing up and I’m sure, eating plenty of sweets!


P1H have been on a winning streak in the run up to the half term holidays. During Math Week our class won for being the ‘Most Active’ on Mathletics. We had the most points in the entire Foundation Stage! We also had two class competition winners. One for ‘Most Mathletics Points’ and the other for ‘Best Colouring’ in our Book Week competition. Well done to everyone! I’m a very proud teacher.

Autumn Leaves are Falling

Autumn officially started this week and P1H went for a walk. We looked for autumn leaves and visited our school apple trees. We spotted lots of lovely autumn colours and collected some apples for our snack.

The Rainbow Fish

We have been listening to the story of The Rainbow Fish and have been learning about sharing and being a good friend. The children made and decorated their own Rainbow Fish with sparkly scales.

Sorting for Colour

Primary 1 have been settling into their new classroom and have been busy learning lots of new things. They have been recapping over colours and have been having a go at sorting colours into groups.

Full Day

Children will be staying for a full day, 1:30pm, from Monday 21st September. They will be eating lunch in school and will require either a healthy packed lunch in a hard wipeable lunchbox or dinner money. Menus can be found on the ‘Our School’ page and dinners cost £2.60 per day. We ask you to send correct money in a named envelope.