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Mrs Dumigan / Mrs Traynor

We would like to wish everyone a happy summer holiday. Keep safe and our very best wishes for P1 in whichever school you are moving on to in September. From Mrs Traynor, Mrs Geoghegan and Mrs Chambers








Katie won the prize for reading the most library books this year.

Nursery got their diplomas in assembly this morning.

fun day

We made craft lollipops and then tasted the real thing! Lovely on a hot day!

Nursery Fun Day

Nursery sports day

Nursery sports day

Thank you to everyone who sent donations for our Wiggle Walk at Tannaghmore Gardens. We collected an amazing £95 for our chosen charity, Action For Children, and had a lovely day.

Tannaghmore Gardens

making pictures at our light centre

We made beautiful glasses and masks.

We walked to the Dentist and found out how to keep our teeth healthy

Our Giant Wiggle Walk in Tannaghmore Gardens

We made stained glass windows and decorated glasses

For our listening week we made musical instruments

We have been learning about Our Senses. We went on a listening walk around school with our listening stones to see what we could hear.

We enjoy making things together to decorate our classroom

We planted Spring onions

We have planted bulbs and have been busy weeding our Nursery garden.

We have been busy in Nursery over the last several weeks. Look what we have been doing.

Enjoying spring crafts

Making chocolate nests for our Easter party...yummy!

Painting daffodils

World Book Day

We dressed up as our favourite characters for World Book Day

Our new topic is Spring. We painted lovely daffodils.

Cancer Focus came to tell us about healthy food

Penny's mum is a nurse, she came to talk to us about her job

Getting a bandage on our fingers
A big bandage for your arm
This helps you to breathe
A sling for your arm
To keep the germs away from the nurses face
Wearing gloves to keep our hands clean
A big syringe for medicine
Getting our temperature checked

We have made fire engines and ambulances using junk art

We used rectangles, squares and circles to make our ambulances.

Penny's mum came to talk to us about her job as a nurse. We had lots of patients in Nursery!

Our new topic is People Who Help Us.

Our beautiful fire engine paintings and drawings.
We made 3D model engines.

Making treats for someone special

yummy coconut!
making raspberry ruffles
melting the chocolate
covering with chocolate- yummy!

We have been busy in February. Look what we have been doing!

posting our special cards

We walked to the post box to post our special cards!

Helping Mrs Brown buy stamps
A very kind lady gave us buns at the shop
They were yummy

We've been making treats for the special people who help us at home for Valentine's Day!

Trying to write our names
Getting ready to post
Our ingredients
Watching the chocolate melt
Yummy chocolate

Our new topic is People Who Help Us. We visited people who help us in school.

This is the school dinner hall
The dinner ladies make our dinner in the kitchen
They have really big cookers and pans
Mrs Ruddell works in the office
She counts our dinner money
She has a big computer
These bags are for the postman
She answers the school phone
This is a shredder for cutting up paper

We made blue icing and decorated buns for our snack!

Eating our buns at snack time. Yummy!

We made blue icing and iced our buns

drawing birds

We dressed up in our bird costumes. Can you recognise any of these birds?

We have been learning about birds and how important it is to feed them in Winter. We made bird food to put in our gardens at home.

We have been learning about Winter and enjoying winter crafts

Drawing in blue sand
Making butterfly pictures
Learning about cold colours
Making temporary pictures
Using our cold colours

Santa came to visit Mrs Brown's class!

We had a very special visitor on the last day of term before our Christmas holidays!

We wore our Christmas jumper to raise money for Save the Children Fund charity. We collected £40.

Christmas crafts

Christmas Concert

We are getting very excited for Christmas in Nursery!

Christmas sponge printing
Mmmm....spiced dough!
Decorating our class Christmas tree
Making a Christmas tree for the wall...
Making mini Christmas trees
Decorating Christmas bells
Making reindeer food for Rudolph and his friends
Playdough Christmas trees

Making chocolate apples and our Halloween party

We have been very busy in Nursery over the last few weeks. Look what we have been doing!

making vegetable prints
planting seeds
Jillian and Mr Rumbles visited for a music session
making pizza
carving a pumpkin
planting our pumpkin seed
making chocolate apples
firework pictures
dressing up for our Halloween party

We made yummy pizzas for our snack

We have enjoyed lots of Autumn activities!

Planting parsley
Vegetable printing
Leaf marbling
Leaf rubbing
An autumn collage
Pumpkin carving

Dinnertime in Nursery

We painted autumn trees and marble painted our leaves.

We made yummy fruit kebabs and face biscuits

We enjoyed our Autumn walk looking for leaves and making autumn trees

Settling in to Nursery

enjoying snack

our creations