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P1 Mrs Hughes

Welcome to P1H

Welcome to our class page. We are so looking forward to the year ahead and will be showcasing our fantastic work on our webpage and on Seesaw. As well as pictures we have also shared some useful website links and documents in the 'stars' below.


Mrs Hughes (Teacher)

Mrs Henderson (Classroom Assistant)

Break the Rules Day

Drumgor broke lots of rules on Wednesday but it was all in aid of a good cause. They had wacky hair, junk food snack and non uniform for the day. The children raised over £400 in aid of the Bluebell Trust making it all worthwhile.

Under the Sea

Our new topic for this term is Under the Sea. The children have been learning lots of interesting facts about sea creatures, oceans and have been hearing stories relating to this theme. During Play Based Learning the children made some shark pictures using newspaper as their creative activity. Don’t they look great!

Adding with Numicon

Primary 1 have been busy learning to add and have been using the numicon resource to help them. The children have been finding ways to solve sums and have been making sums using the numicon shapes. What a clever bunch!


Easter Egg Hunt

Today we went on an Easter Egg hunt around the school grounds. Some were tricky to find but the children did a great job spotting all the hiding places! 


We have been learning about measure in class. Today we used cubes to measure the height of the Easter bunny. The children counted the cubes carefully and do recorded the height of each bunny.


Well done to two of our three silver Mathletics winners this year! These are sure to be mathematical whizz kids in the future!

Once Upon a Time

Our new topic for this term is Once Upon a Time.  As it’s March, Spring has sprung and our story of the week was Jack and the Beanstalk we decided to plant our own beans. Hopefully with some TLC they’ll grow to be mighty beanstalks.

Pancake Tuesday

Today was a particularly delicious Tuesday as it was Shrove Tuesday or Pancake day. The children had a great time decorating their pancakes using lots of delicious fruits and of course the best bit was tasting them! Yum!


it was a little too wet and wild to go outside for PE so we visited the Costa Rican rainforest with Cosmic Kids Yoga for a session! The children went on a wonderful journey with Blue the frog and helped him on his adventure. We stretched and balanced our way through vines and along river banks and made it safely back home to Drumgor before home time.

Jazzy in the Jungle

Our story of the week was Jazzy in the Jungle. We heard how Mama JoJo was looking for her baby, Jazzy. The children thought of some sentences to write and then drew a wonderful jungle picture full of colour and tropical plants.

Money Money Money

This week the children have been looking at money. We thought about all the different ways to pay for goods, the difference between cash and cards and we explored different coins. The boys and girls handled 1p coins and did some shopping for items, paying with correct coins.

Special Visitors

We had some special visitors in class today. We were very lucky that they took time out of their busy schedule to come and see us. Santa and Mrs Claus even brought us some candy canes from the North Pole. 

Christmas Trip

The children had a wonderful day at the Navan Centre on their Christmas trip. We watched a stage show on ‘The Elf that Stole Christmas’ made some festive crafts, munched some Christmas treats and of course visited Santa. He reassured us that all the boys and girls in P1H are on the nice list.

Santa Run

Today the children took part in the Santa Run along with the boys in girls from Nursery to Primary 7. We dressed up in our festive accessories and headed out to the pitch for some music, dancing, singing and of course running.

The Spirit of Christmas

P1H are well and truly getting into the Christmas spirit. Our Christmas tree is up and the children helped to decorate it and the classroom with lights, tinsel and baubles. We have been feeling festive in Play Based Learning as well with lots of winter and Christmas activities.

Odd Socks Day

Odd Socks Day is a national event all about celebrating what makes us unique. We wore our odd socks today to mark the start of Anti Bullying Week. We heard how to be kind and helpful to one another and looked at how our words and actions affect others. Important values that we try to instil throughout Drumgor.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We discussed how Goldilocks shouldn’t have gone into the Bears house without their permission and how it would have been nice to have apologised for breaking Baby Bears chair. After drawing a lovely picture of the story we made porridge and tasted it. Most of the children loved it. Everyone tasted it the way Baby Bear had his and then we put some honey in it. Delicious!


Halloween Fun in Primary 1

P1H have been getting into the spirit of Halloween with lots of scary play and ghostly activities. We have been carving pumpkins, making potions in the water tray and developing our fine motor skills in the witches cauldron.


We have been busy learning all about repeating patterns. We have been making our own, continuing patterns and finding new patterns all around us.

Sheep in a Jeep

Today we heard the story ‘Sheep in a Jeep’. This story had lots of words that rhyme and we had fun finding all of the silly rhyming words in the book. We drew a picture of our favourite parts from the story.


We have been learning lots of nursery rhymes through this term. This week we heard the rhyme Three Blind Mice and made some salt dough mice of our own. We also created some blindfolded mice and played Blind Mans Buff.

Welcome to P1H

The children have been busy settling into P1 and today we were looking at some shapes and colours. What beautiful work form everyone!

Settling In

Primary 1 have been settling into their new classroom and getting to grips with new routines. We have been engaging in lots of fun play activities and making new friends. What a great start to the school year.