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Healthy kids - Thursday


Peace Players -

 Finished on Thursday 6th April


On Line Behaviour

We have been developing our awareness of acceptable online behaviour using CyberCafé and Thinkyouknow and have decided on a set of guidelines which are set out below.

Our Assembly

Everyone in the class had a special part to play. We all had a chance to stand up on the stage and tell the audience how we felt about our school

Here we are with our portraits.

Our World Around Us Topic is about The Body

In our Literacy Lessons we are investigating non-fiction text. We have been working in groups discussing who is responsible for road congestion around schools. We recognise the value of working collaboratively. We are learning from and building on our own and other's ideas and experiences. In our feedback to the class we value other people's ideas. We had a scribe and a spokesperson in our group and we ensured that we were all contributors to the discussions. We shared our different viewpoints.



On Tuesday 14th November we went to a "Sentinus Day" at Brownlow Integrated College. We learned how to use a laptop to programme a car to move on a racing track. We also made rockets and used a hydraulic pressure pump to launch them. It was a fantastically scientific day!!!


Birds of prey visited the school today. Some of the children in our class got to hold an owl.


We attended a workshop taken by Cancer Focus encouraging us not to start smoking. We learned about the chemicals in a cigarette and the dangers of second hand smoke. We did some role play on how to say 'NO' to cigarettes and we learned a rap song.

Christmas Craft


We made Christmas Gift Tags for the Craft Fair on Friday 16th December

Here are some of the finished tags



The Amazing Journey







Our class went over to the Baptist Church on Thursday 19th January to The Amazing Journey - and it was amazing!!

We heard bible stories and had the opportunity to dress up in clothes from the time of Jesus and to taste the type of food we would have eaten. It was very interesting and enjoyable.




















We had an NSPCC Workshop in our classroom on Tuesday 31st January. We learned how to


Sewing Club

The children enjoyed going to the sewing club and produced some lovely butterflies.




The Victoria Sponge

We are studying The Victorians as our World Around Us Project.

The simple sponge cake was renamed after Queen Victoria who ate a slice with her afternoon tea.

We made two Victoria Sponges on Monday 13th February.

We "did the science" behind it first. We investigated fat crystals, air bubbles and gases!!!

Everyone had a part to play in baking two delicious Victoria sponges full of cream and strawberry jam. They were delicious.

Happy Valentines Day

We had fun making cards for Valentines Day

P7 Transition Day

P7 Pupils from Drumgor attended a Transition Day at Brownlow Integrated College on Monday 27th February. This was part of the Area Learning Community Project which aims to strengthen Links between Primary and Post-Primary Schools. The pupils were introduced to Key Stage 3 Literacy and Numeracy in a dynamic and interactive way through four lessons. There was also a guided tour of the school. It was a very good experience giving the pupils an insight into Education after Primary School.

World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day on Tuesday 28th February by dressing up as characters from our favourite books. We also had reading activities which included the drawing of our favourite book characters, discussing interesting words, designing  a book cover, writing a diary from the point of view of a character and writing a book review. There were two visiting story tellers who told us a gory story!!

Pancake Tuesday

We made pancakes and enjoyed eating them! Pancake Tuesday is also known as Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras. It is the start of Lent.

The Palace Stables

P.7 visited The Palace Stables in Armagh on Thursday 9th March as part of our World Around Us topic on the Victorians. We met a butler who told us about working and working conditions in the "Big House". We also met Mr Armstrong - a very scary teacher who used a cane to discipline his class. We walked down the servants tunnel and visited the smoke house where meats were preserved. The Ice House was 'cool'. The private chapel of the Archbishop was very interesting as we learned about the hierarchy of the seating arrangements! We also sat in a Victorian kitchen and compared it to our own. It was an excellent class outing.

Swimming Certificates


We have now finished our Book Marks




On Wednesday 29th March, P7s presented their Victorian PowerPoints to Primary 4.The pupils worked in pairs to create the slides and they covered all aspects of the topic. The audience really enjoyed the presentation.

Marbling Easter


We used marbling ink to decorate eggs




Healthy Break

P7's won the Healthy Break Award for March. Well Done!


On Thursday 6th April we had our final Peace Players. We were asked lots of questions about the scheme. All of us enjoyed it.


WE worked in groups to write our own playscript from "Oliver". We then performed them in class. We are all movie stars of the future.

Stem Challenge

Abbi, Charlie and Gabrielle attended the Primary Stem Challenge heats on Thursday 19th May. They had to design and make a vehicle which worked safely carrying an egg down a ramp in the fastest possible time! They were given materials, tools and a planning sheet.

Paired Reading

We are now reading with the Primary 1 children on a Friday afternoon


Golden Time


Relaxing after a hard weeks work!

Problem Solving