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Monday 11th May

                                 Monday 11th May


Keep up the good work everyone! We now have 6 children using Google classroom. If needed our class code is qt6czcc, this is only if you are not using  c2K to enter it.


'Teach Your Monster To Read' is now available for P3s. Use link on main page, this is excellent revision for you!



This week:



  • We cannot say how important it is that you keep reading! Please try to read a little every day!
  • Spellings week 26
  • Verbs: past tense
  • Writing: This week we would have been planning a story then writing it with the aim that children would make their stories a little longer and more detailed. I will include some ideas below but you could also retell one of your favourite stories, write about what you are doing etc
  • Frequency Words

I am including the list of first 100 frequency words (easier) and then a second 100 harder words. This is an excellent resource for you to work through. See how many you can read (R) and then write(W).



Have a look at the links below, choose which suits you best!

Remember, we all learn in diferent ways, not every activity will suit every child.


Taking Care of your Dog (comprehension)


  • revise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's
  • odd and even numbers (check number workbook)
  • Money ( pages 7 - 13 in workbook 2)



WAU: Animals in Northern Ireland

  • Make a list of animals which are wild in NI, also those we can keep as pets and those which live on the farms
  • Which foods come from cows?
  • sheep?
  • pigs?
  • chickens?etc