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Mrs Downing

Welcome to Primary 1

Mrs Downing and Mrs Crooks

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday.

Our library day is Wednesday, please send your library book in on Tuesday morning.

Golden Time is on a Friday- please send in a small toy with your child.

Our first day in Primary 1  


The children enjoyed celebrating Halloween. They made chocolate apples. They dressed up and had a party in the classroom and played Halloween games in the assembly hall as well as carving a pumpkin.


Children enjoy a quality play experience to encourage exploration and learning, time to develop their ideas and build friendships. 


The children have fun exploring practical maths equipment for sorting and making patterns.


The children use whiteboards, puzzles and word games to explore letters and sounds.


We visited W5 for our Christmas trip on 12th Decemeber and had great fun meeting Santa and riding on a train through the Winter Wonderland and finally climbing through the maze and jungle gym.

Santa Visits P1

Santa visits our class and the children sang Jingle Bells. Everyone enjoyed a lovely Christmas dinner.

Shared Education

Our class are working with P.1 children in Tullygally P.S. We went to visit them and had fun getting to know each other and playing fun games. We made Christmas cards and sang songs. We hope to meet our friends soon. 

Baptist Church

On the 19th January the children visited our local Baptist Church. 


The children explore an app on the ipad to draw lovely pictures.


We like to celebrate our birthdays.