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Mrs Richardson / Mrs Traynor

Welcome to Drumgor Nursery Unit    Class of 2020/2021


Hello boys and girls, welcome to Drumgor Nursery, we are really looking forward to having you in our Nursery this year.

When you come to meet us in August you will find out lots about Nursery, in the meantime we have put up some photos to tell you about our Nursery day. We hope you enjoy looking at them, we can't wait to meet you and show you around. See you soon!

Nursery starts at 8.50am and finishes at 1.20pm when we move to a full day.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone in August, please enjoy the summer break and we will see you soon.

Best wishes from Mrs Traynor, Mrs Richardson and Mrs Dumigan

If you would like to send photos of your home learning activities please send them to Mrs Traynor and Mrs Richardson using the email addresses below.


Looking forward to seeing them.



Mrs Richardson and Mrs MacDonald wish you all the best for next year. What a great class!

Hello boys and girls, it is hard to believe our Nursery year has ended. You have all grown so much and learned so much in the past year! Miss Parks and I are so disappointed we were not able to finish the year as we normally would but we are so happy we had you all in our class this year. You were all fantastic. We want to wish everyone well and we hope you have a lovely summer.

Have a look at the  photos on the slideshow taken throughout the year.

Best wishes from Mrs Traynor and Miss Parks

Class of 2020 Mrs Traynor and Miss Parks


*Attention all parents* 

Please see information below regarding dates and times for the collection of end of year reports, workbooks and belongings. 
* Wednesday 24th June- Nursery, P1, P2 & P3 (from external classroom doors) 10.00-12.00
* Thursday 25th June P4 + P5 (from senior playground) 10.00-12.00
* Friday 26th June P6 + P7 (from senior playground) 10.00-12.00

We will endeavour where possible to accommodate families with children in more than one year group. 

Please note- strict social distancing must be adhered to at all times. We look forward to seeing you all.
Take Care

These children have their birthday in June. Have a lovely day!

Sports Day - check out our nursery entries in our photo section

Still image for this video
This year we are still having Sports' Day...but with a difference! If you haven't already seen it, watch the attached demonstration video - you might see some people you know! We would love to see you doing your races at home too. Please email videos of 2 of your races to your teacher before the end of school time on Friday, each no more than 10 secs long. Have fun!

Mrs Traynor went on a circle hunt around her house. Look how many circular things she found. How many can you find in your house?

These boys and girls had their birthday in May. We hope you had a lovely day.

Star would like to say ‘hello’ to everyone in nursery

Still image for this video

Look what I spied on my walk today! Can you say the sound they begin with?

Another week of home learning is over. We have had lots of busy bees!

The bees were out and about today when I was out walking. Perhaps you could draw some beautiful flowers and bees and email them to me. I would love to see some lovely drawings from my little artists! I'm missing the beautiful drawings I got in Nursery.

We saw and heard lots of bees today!

Mrs Traynor's listening walk. Can you work out which sounds Alice, Ellen and I heard? Maybe you could send me some photos of your listening walk.

Look who's 4 years old! All of these children have had their birthday since school closed. It's a shame we didn't get to sing Happy Birthday but we hope you had a very happy day.

Hello boys and girls. just a little message from Mrs Richardson and myself to say 'hello' and tell you we are missing you all very much. We hope everyone is well and trying to do some of the activities we put on the website every week. Keep sending your photos and messages to us, we love seeing what you have been doing. Our email addresses are on the Nursery webpage. Take care everyone, love from Mrs Traynor and Mrs Richardson xx

Hello everyone!

Fabulous play!

Look who else has been busy! Keep sending us your lovely pictures.

Here's a great girl learning all about baby animals. Well done!

Look who has been really busy over Easter!

Hello everyone. As we start our new term, don't forget to click on the yellow star above for suggested activities to try out each week. Use these alongside the ideas in the letter we sent out in your pack (and which you can also find by clicking the yellow star). The weather forecast for this week is fabulous so get outside to play as much as possible. Have fun smiley

Hello Nursery boys and girls, we hope you had a nice Easter break and got lots of chocolate eggs!

As you can see Star has settled into his new tank for the next few weeks. He is missing all your smiling faces looking at him and would love to be back in Nursery just like us!

Week 3 of home learning starts this week so please continue to send in your photos as we love to see you enjoying the activities. Stay safe and be good- we have the best Nursery boys and girls in the country ❤️

Star in his new home

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust have created a short animated video for children to help them understand the coronavirus.

The film can be found on youtube - click here.  It also can be accessed on the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust website.

Our first week of home learning is over and we hope all the boys and girls have enjoyed trying some of the activities sent home. Mrs Richardson and I are so proud of all our Nursery children, continue to send us your photos, we love seeing what you've been up to!

Stay safe everyone.

Home Learning March 2020

World Book Day

It was very exciting heading off in the bus to the Fire Station! We really enjoyed our visit.

World Book Day! We loved dressing up!

Thank you to the Firemen in Lurgan for letting us come to visit them!

Thank you to Gracie's mum for coming to Nursery to tell us all about her job as a nurse. We have been having great fun playing in our doctor's surgery and ambulance.

Watch out for a special letter in the post!

We posted our special letters today. We walked to the shop to buy stamps and then to the post box to post them.

We have been learning about birds. We made dough birds, painted birds, dressed up as birds and made food for them. Have you seen any in your garden?

We have been busy this term. Look what we have been doing.

We had a visit from Jo Jingles. We listened REALLY well, Mrs Traynor and Miss Parks were so proud!

Christmas preparations.

Our Kindness jar is full. Our treat was a Tom and Jerry DVD and crisps while we watched it!

Children in Need Day

Making hedgehogs.

We went on a bug hunt.

We dressed up and had a Hallowe'en party!

We went for a walk to look for signs of autumn. We found leaves, berries, acorns and apples.

Early days in Nursery

Welcome to Nursery!! We have been settling into nursery and having lots of fun doing our hand and foot prints, having snack together and playing with our new friends!