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Mrs Richardson and Mrs Dumigan

A ride in the bus, fun at the park, wonderful weather and a lolly back at school. What a great day!

Having recently learned all about the work of the police, the boys and girls were very excited to have a visit from the PSNI to Nursery. It was such fun to sit in their car, flash the blue lights and sound the siren! Just look at the excellent listening as the police officers told the class about their job and gave some advice on keeping safe.

In Nursery there has been lots of interest and learning about people’s jobs.

C&J’s farm came to visit Nursery and the children got to see lots of animals including a stick insect, giant snail, millepede, toad, lizards, snakes, guinea pig and rabbit. Some were brave enough to touch them!

The Nursery children made fabulous castles and planted bean seeds as part of our Fairy Tale topic.

World Book Day (and some very unusual places to read!)

Fun in the snow. Imagine, throwing snowballs at your teacher!!!

Storytime and games with Debutots, Christmas party fun...and some very special visitors!

This week we got our nursery garden ready for winter. First, we did some weeding, then we planted some winter pansies and watered them well.