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Wednesday 6th January Home Learning


I hope everyone has had a lovely break over the Christmas holidays and may I start by wishing all of you a healthy new year.


This week our main priority would be to see the children logging on to the online learning resources and begin to use them. I gave each child a copy of their log in details at the end of term which hopefully you will have received. if you have any difficulty with these the best way to get in touch is on See Saw.


This weeks learning Activities:




  • Please use Mathletics. It is an excellent revision tool and is great for developing recall of number facts.
  • In term 2 we will now be moving on to numbers up to 100. Please practise with your child counting forwards and backwards, number before and after.
  • Months of the year

          Encourage your child to say the months of the year. I have included 2 simple worksheets which               you may want to print or simply answer on a page. I will also provide similar activities on                         SeeSaw.



The most important thing to do is to encourage your child to read. An appropriate reading book will be allocated to each child . Please use the link to Collins Reading books to access this.


I have also included some quick grammar activities. Again these can be simply answered on a page or printed out. I will put a similar activity on See Saw.