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P3 Term 1 Overview

Primary 3

Term 1


This is an overview of what we are learning in school.

Please support your child by discussing and reinforcing at home.



  • Full Stops and capital Letters
  • Writing in sentences
  • We will be talking about authors, illustrators, fiction and non-fiction.
  • We are encouraging the children to write independently. Please encourage the children at home to write a few sentences. We praise the children for having a try at more difficult words rather than correcting every mistake. This builds their confidence in writing




We are reviewing our policy on sending reading books home as this is key to the children's progress. We are still reading together in class.

The children still love to hear a story, please encourage reading for enjoyment by reading with your child. This might be on-line books or books from home. Ten minutes a day can make a huge difference.





  • We will revise number facts within 10
  • Become more confident with number facts up to 20 (Sept/Oct)
  • Numbers up to 50 (Nov/Dec)
  • Know number after, before and between, odd and even numbers
  • sequencing numbers
  • mental addition and subtraction
  • Money: counting amounts, finding the change etc
  • 2d and 3d shapes
  • Time ( o’clock, half past, quarter past)


World Around us: Hey! Hey! It’s Me!

  • My goals and ambitions
  • Ourselves ( label body parts)
  • Stages in life
  • The Skeleton
  • Our senses
  • When I grow up I want to be…
  • People Who Help Us
  • Famous people
  • Children in the past
  • Looking after myself
  • Keeping Healthy                 


              We look forward to an  enjoyable autumn term together.