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Term 2

Student of the Week

Term 2's Students of the Week. Well done children!

Happy Easter!

Before the Easter Break, P4s sequenced the Easter story and enjoyed making Easter baskets for some small treats.

Book Creator


P4s love using the iPad app Book Creator. In Term 2, they have been creating e-books on their topic, We Are At War.

World War Two Show and Tell


On Thursday 22 March, P4s were given the opportunity to show and tell, or just to tell, anything to do with their family's involvement in the Second World War. It was really interesting to hear stories from that time about the children's great grandparents in particular.



Healthy Kidz


P4s have thoroughly enjoyed exercising weekly with the coaches from Healthy Kiz. They have been put through their paces and they have improved greatly. The boys and girls have also been uploading their exercise and their healthy eating outside schools on the Healthy Kidz app. One particular P4 was given a prize for his effort!

World Book Day


On Friday 16th March, Drumgor celebrated World Book Day (closed due the weather on 1 March). P4s came in dressed as their favourite book characters and had the opportunity to hear some great stories read by Janet Compston.


P4s have been using Numicon to assist their learning in numeracy. It has proven to be a fun way of learning number bonds, multiplication and division.

Mothers Day Cards


A selection of wonderful cards for Mothers Day.

The Big Workout


On Friday 9th March, P4s were put through their paces by the instructors from Healthy Kidz for our sponsored 'Big Workout'. It was a tough circuit course but the boys and girls really enjoyed it.

Cancer Focus Northern Ireland


On Wednesday 7th March 2018, Jennifer from Cancer Focus Northern Ireland spoke to P4 about eating healthily. P4s investigated the sugar, fat and salt content in common foods and considered what we should eat more of and what we should eat less of. Pupils were also told to look out for the traffic light colour on food labels.

Roald Dahl Activities


P4 have been exploring some of Roald Dahl's famous novels. From the despicable Mr and Mrs Twit, to the Big Friendly Giant, P4s have really enjoyed working through his stories.



Craigavon Museum Services


On Tuesday 27th February 2018, P3/4 and P4 were brought back in time, to life in Britain during World War Two. Craigavon Museum Services had supplied a topic box, which included items and costumes from the period. P4s also enjoyed some period dancing, to 1940s music.

Pancake Tuesday

P4 marked 'Pancake Tuesday', 13th February, by following instructions to make the mixture for pancakes. They then assisted the adults in groups to make their pancakes. A fun and tasty way to finish instructional writing.


P4s enjoyed estimating then measuring the mass of items in the classroom, using measuring scales (in grams and kilograms).

Valentine's Assembly


On Friday 9th February, P4s hosted the School Assembly. The theme was Valentine's and love, and so we considered human love and God's love through, poetry, music and drama.



In February, P4 used metre tapes to measure the length of objects in their classroom. They then estimated the length and width of the classroom, the Assembly Hall and the playground, before measuring these using trundle wheels. In the slides, you can also see P4 playing their Grid Dice Game, which tests their mental maths.

Conscience Alley and Hot Seating

P4s have been getting into character as people from World War Two. They have quizzed hot-seated evacuees, air raid wardens, parents and teachers from the period. P4 also did a 'Conscience Alley', where Olympia had to consider 'should I send my children out of the city for the rest of the war?'

Instructional Writing


P4s are writing and following instructions. They began by looking at instructions for the game, 'hopscotch.' They were then given verbal instructions for illustrations which they tried to draw as accurately as possible. P4s then came up with their own games and wrote instructions for these.

Internet research


P4s have been using 'Fronter' to carry out research on their new topic, 'We are at War'. In January, they were given questions on the Blitz, which they had to research.

Money, money, money!


Using pretend money, a pretend till, and some exciting products for sale, P4C have been shopping. The pupils have been learning about making amounts using different coins, adding coins together and working out change. They have also been studying the new designs on the back of the £2.00 coins.