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Monday 15th June

            Only 2 weeks to go!


At this stage we normally getting ready for our summer holidays. 

I will be going into school to get your books  and belongings ready for you to collect. 

I have written your reports and sent these on to Mrs McKeown, you will receive these as usual with news of your new teacher at the end of June.

So now over to you for your part!




  • The most important thing for you to do is READ! 

All the reading books are available on-line but you can read your own choice of books. When you start P4 we will be looking at how much progress you have made and sorting our reading groups again. We really don't want you falling behind your group. Remember to keep reading over the summer holidays too!


  • Spellings: try to finish weeks 31 & 32 and then you won't have any next week, it's up to you!


  • We are revising the difference between: their and there

                                                                         are, our and or

                                                                         where, were and wear.

  • Try to finish any literacy activities in your folder over the next 2 weeks




Revision Time!

  • Try to finish the maths work books, mental maths etc in your folder.
  • Mathletics is an excellent way for you to keep your maths sharp!


  • Money: counting coins, calculating change etc
  • Make this practical, make yourself a shopping list, how much would your items cost?
  • Start with 2 items then add a few more!


  • Measure: use a ruler or tape measure to measure around your house and garden.
  • If you have a 30cm ruler, can you measure your garden fence which is taller?



  • Scavenger hunt: how many minibeasts can you find where you live?
  • Where did you find them?
  • Can you design and draw a graph to show your results?
  • Can you name the minibeasts?
  • Happy hunting!!

Design your own minibeast

Mini Beast scavenger hunt