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Monday 8th June

A big thank you to those who sent in photos and videos for our Facebook day and Virtual Sports Day!

Keep sending me in photos of your work, I love seeing them.




Monday 8th June


This weeks learning objectives are:



  • Please remember to continue with Mathletics. This is the last week we will have a celebration Friday so let's see how many we can get on to the leaderboard!
  • You might also have workbooks in your learning pack you can finish, there are only 3 weeks left to go!


  • add 10,20, 30 to any number within 100.  Use your 100 square to help you
  • Subtract 10, 20, 30 from any number within 100.


  • Learn which is your left and right hand.
  • Play a game where you have to turn left and right.






  • Spellings week 30


  • Reading: Please continue to read daily. The ebooks are available on the main class page but feel free to read your own choice of books.  This is so important!


  • Grammar: adjectives. These are describing words. See activities below.


  • Writing: At this stage we want the children beginning to write longer stories. They are free to think of their own stories. A great idea is to choose and read a book. Afterwards rewrite the story in your own words. Remember to illustrate with a lovely drawing and send it to me.




WAU: Minibeasts


  • Can you  find out the parts of an insect?  Draw your own insects and label the various parts.


  • What do minibeasts eat? Try to find out the answer.