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Mrs Quinn

Primary 4Q 2019/2020

Have a fantastic summer P4Q ☀️

Happy June birthday- what a cake 🎂😍

June Challenges

Our video call


Designing a sunflower 🌻 then using a 3D printer to bring it to life!

We had a very happy girl receive a very special delivery for 60 100% AR quizzes. laugh

Our fantastic Acrostic poems presentation

P4-7 Sports Day 2020- well done everyone

Still image for this video

Achievements in Home Learning week 9


P4Q first in Mathletics this week


Julia, Natalia, Lucas and Dean in the top 10


Lucas - gold certificate 

Great  Acrostic poems this week! 

Our Friday video chat 

Home Learning Week 9

Another gold Mathletics certificate- congratulations!



Drumgor Sports Day

Still image for this video
Dear parent, hopefully your child(ren) will have seen our Sports Day demonstration video. We would love to see pupils doing theirs as well. Please email me videos of your child doing no more than 2 of the events, and each video being not more than 10 seconds long.

We appreciate the number of pupils, across the whole school, who we are engaging with this, which is why we are setting some limits in what we receive. Have fun!

Our beautiful sunflowers 🌻

I just received this lovely photo from a girl in our class. She wanted to share this COVID-19 poster she made for her friends. I hope you like it as much as I do. 

Achievements in Home Learning- week 8

Well done P4Q- another great week of Mathletics. Julia, Aoife, Lucas and Dean made the top 10.


25 quizzes taken in AR. 

Great work submitted on Google Classroom, particularly the comprehension. 


Our Video Call




Home Learning Week 8

Achievements in Home Learning - week 7



Well done P4Q a great week of Mathletics- Julia, Natalia, Aoife Dean in the top 10. 

Julia 20,000+ points

Our class is 7th best in the UK and 16th best in the world smiley


18 quizzes taken in AR

40,000 words

Auguste- 15,000 words.



Another gold 

Our video chat 


Our fantastic written work this week

Home Learning week 7

Happy 8th birthday I love your cake 🎂 



Going for gold 

Our zoom call 

More achievements week 6

Congratulations P4Q most points in Mathletics this week. 

Aoife (2nd) Natalia (6th) Julia (9th) this week. 

Accelerated Reader

Congratulations P4Q - 3rd in the whole school. 

Dean 10 quizzes 

Julia 50 quizzes


Dean- 32,395 words this week.

Another gold Mathletics certificate 

Achievements in home learning week 6

P4Q you did it!!!!!

well done everybody. I’m so proud of you all! 

Home Learning week 6

Achievements in Home Learning Week 5 


Well done to Natalia (4th), Aoife (5th) Julia (8th) in Mathletics this week.

P4Q were the best class wink

In Accelerated Reader we only took 16 quizzes but passed 15. 

Huge push on both Accelerated Reader and Mathletics next week.

Home Learning week 5

Achievements in Home Learning Week 4

Well done P4Q- top class in Mathletics

(Aoife, Esther, Lucas, Mia, Natalia all made the top 10) laugh

25 AR quizzes taken this week

Mia 51,000 words ⭐️

Miya- 40,000 words ⭐️

Yet another gold certificate. I’m a proud teacher 



Our Friday zoom chat



Home Learning Week 4

Achievements Week 3 Home Learning 

Our Zoom chat


Well done P4Q -top in Mathletics this week!


Finn you have now taken and passed 12 quizzes-good boy!

As a class we have taken 49 and passed 48 quizzes.

Congratulations Auguste- gold Mathletics certificate


Finn and Aoife have now taken and passed 7 Accelerated Reader quizzes.


Well done Finn, you have now read 20,000 + words since home learning began!

Congratulations N- it’s great to see you with your gold certificate well done! 


Happy Easter 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your invaluable support in assisting home learning with your child. I appreciate that it isn't always easy but it is pleasing to see so many children working hard in all areas. Happy Easter to you all. Take care and stay safe!

Mrs Quinn


Natalia holds our class Mathletics weekly record 20,000 + points! Well done


Congratulations to our 3 gold Mathletics certificate winners: Dean, Urte & Nathan laugh


Well done to P4Q- top in Mathletics! yes

Aoife & Nathan have taken 5 AR quizzes since home learning began! smiley

Top word count since home learning began: Auguste (50,000) and Esther (32,000) smiley

Well done to all the P4 boys and girls- I love receiving photos of you working so hard at home. I am pleased to see you taking part in a variety of activities. Keep up the good work. 

P4 Home Learning week 3

P4 Home Learning Week 1

Pancake Tuesday.

Pancake Tuesday was lots of fun in Primary 4. We had fresh pancake mix (made by Mrs Jenkins) and the toppings were tasty! The children enjoyed it so much they all had seconds!


A primary 7 pupil brought in medals from WW2 belonging to his grandfather. He spent time with the children explaining to them and answering questions. 

Numeracy-Shop Visit

P4 visited Drumgor Shop as part of our money topic. We each brought 50p and were able tp

work out prices and change. We bought ourselves a nice Friday treat smiley
Many thanks to the staff of Drumgor Costcutter for preparing in advance for our visit and for making it so fun. 

Accelerated Reading- Stars ⭐️ 

Our Primary 4 class love Accelerated Reader. We are quite competitive and work hard to achieve 100% in quizzes. This was recognised in assembly where 10 of our pupils achieved 100% in over 180 quizzes between them.

WAU- World War 2 💣

Our new topic for the term is World War 2. 
Have a look below at the photographs to see our learning. 

Numeracy 💷

At the beginning of term 2, primary 4 really enjoyed working with money. They love using Mathletics and Topmarks to further develop their skills. 

Term 1 Winners.

Primary 4 have worked so hard at Accelerated Reading. We won the overall class prize for most 100% quizzes in the term. They are all really enjoying reading. It’s a pleasure watching them grow. 

Christmas 🎅🏼

We have really enjoyed the month of December in Primary 4.

WAU 🏡🏠

As part of our topic we have been building different types of houses from junk materials. We brought the boxes and other materials in from home. We are working in small groups and they will look great when finished. 



We are learning about writing instructions. As part of our learning we followed instructions for and played snakes and ladders. It was so much fun. Then we got to invent the rules and write instructions for our own game. We let our friends play and they peer assessed us. 

We also followed a list of instructions to make an octopus from a paper plate.

Eco Council


Below are our two Eco-Councillors as selected by their peers. 

School Council

Congratulations to our 2 School Councillors. We have no doubt they will do a fantastic job representing our class!




In numeracy we are learning about numbers and in particular, place value. We are enjoying using Topmarks, practical equipment and iPads to help us learn.

Library Visit


During the month of September we visited Brownlow library 3 times. We were given a tour of the library, listened to stories, completed activities, borrowed books and most importantly had a fantastic time. We hope to visit throughout the year and borrow and read lots of books.

Pupil of the Week

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