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Award Winners 8th June-12th June 2020

We are so very proud of all the girls and boys who have been working so hard at Mathletics this week. We have achieved 662 Live Points and 13,370 Activity points this week which is brilliant!smiley        smiley         smiley        smiley       smiley        smiley       smiley       smiley       smiley     smiley

                We also have two Silver and six Bronze award winners! Wow!!

Well done to Emmy (6,091 points-Silver and Bronze Awards),Tauras (2,480-Silver and Bronze Awards), Heidi (1,482 points-Bronze Award),Lynda (1,140 points- Bronze Award), Charlie (1,030 points-Bronze Award), Olly (1480 points -Bronze Award) and Frankie (320 points). 

A brilliant week of Mathletics ! Keep up the great work and be proud of your achievements this week!

Please see the certificates for award winners below: