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Mrs Richardson and Mrs Dumigan's class

Our teachers are Mrs Richardson (Monday - Thursday) and Mrs Dumigan (Friday).

Our nursery assistant is Mrs MacDonald.

Circles are everywhere! We have been looking for circles and semicircles, cutting circles and even had circle snack.

We learned about opticians and got to try on glasses.

It’s great to be back at Nursery! We have been continuing with our Senses topic, learning about smell and touch. Sweet smelling flowers were made and sold, and we used our hands to feel different objects and textures in the feely bag as well as for playing in gloop.

We had a delicious Christmas dinner and enjoyed pulling our crackers. Thank you to the kitchen staff for such a lovely meal and to Asda for their kind donation of the crackers.

We have been busy with arts and crafts.

We went on an Autumn walk and found leaves, acorns, berries and apples. Then we went back to class and made a colourful Autumn collage.

We had fun planting winter flowers in our nursery garden