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Quote of the week -"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it..


Parents can I remind you to check your emails for the user name and password for our Zoom meeting tomorrow morning at 10.30. Please let me know via email if your child is going to attend. Thanks

Mathletics certificates - 22 May

Congratulations Lily and Jack for getting a bronze certificate. You can see your certificates in the Mathletics gallery.


Hi everyone! I have now added a star for your Mathletics certificates. I must say you have been working really hard since we left school. A special mention to Natalia for achieving her 'Gold' certificate and to Tia, Benny, Jack, Natalia and Daniella for their 'Silver' certificates. There were lots of 'Bronze' as well. Have a look at the 'Mathletics Certificate Gallery' and be very proud of yourselves! I am giving all of you a huge round of applause!

Good morning and welcome back! I hope you all had a relaxing and fun Easter break. So, this is our last term in P7, let's make it memorable, not because of the situation that we are in, but because of all the hard work and fun activities that we are going to do together/apart. Give it your best and together we will progress!

All our tasks are now set on GC. I am putting them up daily so that no one feels overwhelmed thinking that they have so much to do. I have added a few new useful links and would encourage you to have a look at BBC Bitesize and Book Trust. As always, you do what you can, and I will look forward to hearing all your news, reading all your work and receiving your photos.


Quote for this week - " Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile."

Please have a look at our Easter Assembly on Facebook!

Letter for Parents - Friday 27th

*IMPORTANT*- google classroom log-in info


Remember you must type your username using this format: then add your password.

I have added another star, 'Useful Links' to the Home Learning page. I will refer to some of these links on Google classroom. Hope you are all well and remember ...STAY IN! and STAY SAFE!  smiley