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This week we have been learning about 3D shapes. We have counted edges, corners and faces. We have also looked out for 3d shapes in our environment.

Today both P4 classes visited Drumgor shop to spend their 50ps. The children had to calculate the total cost of their items and change, if any!! Thank you to the staff at the shop for all their help! We had an enjoyable trip!

Money, Money, Money. We are looking money and this morning we invesyigated amounts of money using the least number of coins.

We are looking at HTU this term - we used the equipment to help us understand how the numbers are made up.

We have been using base 10 to help us understand Place Value to 99. It was great fun!

In Numeracy we have been working on our Number Bonds to 20. We had great fun matching the ice cream to the cone.