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Award Winners 1st June- 5th June 2020

Very well done to a number of children who have been doing a lot of Mathletics activities this week. 

We have earned 270 Live Points and 8,340 Activity Points which is superb!!

smiley Very well done to Emmy who has gained a Bronze certificate with 175 Live Points and 3,075 Activity Points giving her a total of 3,245 points!

smileyVery well done to Tauras who has gained  a Bronze Certificate with 15 Live Points and 3,210 Activity Points giving him a total of 3,225 points!

smileyVery well done also to Lynda who has gained a Bronze Certificate with 80 Live Points and 1170 Activity Points giving her a total of 1,250 points!yes

Well done also to Olly who has achieved 640 Activity points  this week and also Charlie who has gained 250 Activity points this week as well.yes