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Monday 1st June

Monday 1st June


Well done everyone, keep up the great work!

We have only 4 weeks left, so keep going!

This weeks activties for you to choose from are:



  • Doubles: the children should revise their tables to make sure they know all their doubles to 20 ( 2+2, 3+3 etc).
  • More confident children can go further with higher numbers,

                        20+20,     31+31 ,   100+100    etc 


  • Weight

    This week our practical maths is learning to measure weight.

  •    Weigh yourself on your bathroom scales
  •     Use kitchen scales to measure food items you find in the Kitchen
  •     Look at food items in your cupboards , can you find the weight label on them?
  •  Follow a recipe and use kitchen scales to measure the ingredients.
  • Can you guess the weight of an item? then check using scales


   Have Fun!


Remember to continue on with maths books in your folder, you have 4 weeks left so just work through these at your own speed!



Our world around us topic is now looking at minibeasts so we will introduce this in literacy too!


  • In your learning pack you will find a comprehension activity on 'The Butterfly' and 'The Snail.' Write the answers on the pages.


  • Choose your own minibeast. Try and draw a picture and find out about where it lives, what it eats etc. You can write this in your exercise book. I'd love you to take a photo and send me your work.


  • Spellings week 29


  • Grammar: plurals of words

​​​​​​​Look at words which add s, es, ies ec and those words which change to a new word, like foot and feet, mouse and mice!


  • Reading

​​​​​​​Please remember to keep reading your own choice of books, this is really good for you! Also try to use the online reading books, we dont want you falling behind  your reading group.

WAU: Minibeasts


We are now looking at minibeasts.

Try to think how we could divide minibeasts into groups.

Can you go for a hunt in yor garden to see who lives there?


remeber to send me photos of your work!




Why don't you try to make your own minibeasts from pebbles?


Send me a photo!