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Work and play in Term 2

Base 10 addition and subtraction
The Amazing Journey- Craigavon Baptist Church
Giving instructions. Can you draw it?
Playing Jack's board game, with his instructions
Drawing BFG characters using Dahl's descriptions.
Following octopus craft instructions independently
Loop cards. 'I have... Who has...?'
Counting and ordering money.
'Have you got the correct change?'
Break time at the February disco
Making topic books on 'Book Creator' (iPad app)
Taking a stroll with P4/5 for the 'Golden Mile'
Comparing facts: Northern Ireland vs Alaska
Hot seating book characters
Following instructions to make pancakes
Stories, poems and jokes from Antrim Folk Tales
Acting out our favourite fairytale stories
Aurora Borealus oil pastel art
'Set of...'. Times tables activities
Shared education with Tullygally
Target-achievers, Ferbruary
More or less than 1 metre?
Buddy's Big Workout
Mother's Day cards