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6th - 8th January 2021

May I begin this new term by wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! I hope you have all managed to have a lovely Christmas break.


This week our main priority is for children to ensure that they are able to log on to the online learning resources offered and begin to use them. Please check with your child that they are able to access the Collins e-books for reading. 2 books have been assigned to your child this week online.  Continue to encourage the use of Mathletics to help your child with their number fact recall and use Teach Your Monster to Read for Phonics activities. A reminder of all login details will be sent via Seesaw. 


This week's learning activities (available for completion on Seesaw):



  • Reading - Collins e-book
  • What is a noun? (video)
  • Nouns - sort pictures into person, place or thing.
  • Extension activity - Nouns in sentences



  • Number bonds and fact families
  • Number word matching
  • Place Value Basketball game (Topmarks)




  • 'Animals in winter' story/activities 
  • Reading - Collins e-book



  • Math number bonds
  • Days of the week
  • Addition/Subtraction Winter Puzzle




  • Winter Weather Sentence Unscramble

        (Page 2 - extension activity)

  • Rhyming
  • Winter word search
  • Reading - Collins e-book



  • Elsa’s Month’s of the year 
  • Number bonds


We would also promote the use of Mathletics and Daily 10 (Topmarks game) as excellent resources to be used daily for developing your child's number skills in a fun way! Links to both activities can also be accessed via Seesaw.     

On Friday you will receive a 'Home Learning Pack' to be used over the incoming weeks of learning at home.

Useful Learning Links: