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P6 Mrs Sands

Pen Licence

This week we had our first recipients of a ’Pen Licence’. Primary 6 need to show they can write neatly with few spelling mistakes to receive a pen to use in class.


Congratulations to our first two Pen Licence owners. 

Victorian Toys

In our World Around Us topic this term we are learning about The Victorians. We have been learning about toys which both rich and poor Victorian children played with. We made Jack in the Box and thaumatropes from paper as these were very popular toys for poor children. 

Understanding Volume

This week we learnt how to convert between millilitres and litres as well as reading the volume of water in a cylinder. 

Children’s Mental Health Week.
This week we have been thinking about songs, movies, places and funny stories that make us happy. We have made an effort to complete some fun activities with our families and get outside to enjoy our surroundings. We also designed a poster to show everything that makes us happy. 
Primary 6 Art!
We are learning about The Rainforest and have been following Draw with Rob to learn how to draw animals from the Rainforest. We hope you like our drawings of Toucans and sloths! We think they are fantastic. 
Primary 6 Working Hard At Home!
Fun In The Snow! 
Primary 6 children have had lots of fun enjoying the snow.  They have shown fantastic skill in building snowmen!

P6S enjoying their Christmas party, while watching a pantomime of 'Beauty and the Beast' by SRC.

Accelerated Reader Prize Winners


Well done Evie, Ellie and Marilyn.

Well done to Fionn, Ellie and Evie for getting a bronze mathletics certificate this week.

Primary 6 had a great time finishing off their Christmas wreaths.

We had a visit from Grace Black today. She talked to us about the importance of being organised, and taught us some study skills. 

Primary 6 having fun decorating their class Christmas tree and doing some Christmas art.

Mathletics Certificate Winners




Well done to Riley for getting a bronze certificate this week. 


Numeracy - Fractions  and 3-D Shapes.


P6 have been working very hard since August. They have been learning more about fractions and 3-D shapes.