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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to school for what promises to be another very busy and eventful year!  A special welcome is extended to our Nursery, P1 and other new families.  May I also take this opportunity to congratulate both Mrs McKeown on her appointment as Acting Vice-Principal and to welcome Miss McKeever to our teaching staff for the 2012/13 school year.


It is great to see all the pupils so well turned out in their school uniforms and I applaud you the parents.  School ties are available from the school office at a cost of £3.  Our uniform or tracksuit unites all our pupils in a common bond and it is important to ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with the pupil’s name.


Please read the following important information:


Start/collection Times:         Nursery & P1 – see individual class teachers as these will change as the weeks progress.
P2 & P3 – 9.10am – 2.10pm

                                                P4 – P7 – 9.10am – 3.10pm

(A bell will sound at 9.00am and children will line up in their respective playgrounds).


I really must emphasise the importance of adults bringing young children to and from school particularly those in Nursery and P1 – P4.  It is a parent’s responsibility to ensure their child arrives at school and is collected at the appropriate time.

To encourage independence, children should say their goodbyes in the playground or at the front door and enter by themselves.  Parents who wish to speak to a teacher or to myself should telephone the school to discuss any concerns or arrange an appointment with the relevant member of staff.

It is important that parents should also note that dogs are NOT ALLOWED in the school grounds for the safety of our pupils and staff.

School Meals: The price of a school meal has increased to £2.30 per day (£2 for Nursery).  The correct money for the week should be sent into school each Monday morning in an envelope, clearly marked with the child’s name, days on which dinner is being taken and the amount of money enclosed.  Please note that dinner money must be paid in advance.  If any parent, not already in receipt of free meals, thinks they may be entitled to free school meals please contact the school for an application form.  Dinner time for all pupils P1 – P7 is 12.30 – 1.10pm.

School Fund:          £5 per individual child or £10 for families of 2 or more pupils


The school appreciates the financial assistance given by parents towards the school fund which is a voluntary contribution.  The money collected goes towards equipment/resources which will be used by your children.  Please forward fund money to your child’s class teacher.

PE Kit: All pupils from P1 – P7 are required to change for PE and therefore need the following kit

  • White t-shirt                 Black shorts           Black plimsolls


Ear-rings:Under Health and Safety guidelines ear-rings worn in school must be a small stud.  Children are not permitted to wear ear-rings during PE (including extra-curricular sport).  Therefore on PE days children must be able to remove their own ear-rings or ideally leave them at home.

Swimming Programme: This will commence on Friday 14 September for P6P and P7McK.  The weekly contribution by pupils will be £1.55.  

Healthy Break:        Pupils in P1 – P7 will be encouraged to bring in a ‘healthy snack’ for their break which may include items such as – Fruit, Yogurt, Cheese, Crackers/bread, etc.  We would ask parents not to send in snacks containing a high content of sugar or fat eg chocolate bars/biscuits.  Fizzy drinks are not permitted.


P7 Inc:  P7 pupils will again be selling bags of fresh fruit each breaktime from Monday 10 September.


Every day each child in P1 – P7 who brings in a healthy snack will receive a sticker to place on their classroom ‘Healthy Snack Reward Chart’.  Each month the class with the greatest percentage of healthy snacks per pupil will receive the class healthy star award and each pupil will receive a ‘Healthy Eating Reward’ pencil.

No Nuts Please!       This year Drumgor PS continues to be a ‘No Nuts’ school.  Some of our pupils have allergies to certain foods and one has anaphylaxis meaning an epi-pen is kept in school for emergencies.  Therefore I am sure you can appreciate the absolute need for us to become nut free and would ask you to carefully check the ingredients of your child’s break and lunch snacks.

Clothing Bank:         Please remember to bring in bags of clothing, shoes, etc to recycle in our clothing bank, located beside the boiler house.  All bags etc collected helps to raise money for school funds to buy resources for your chid(ren).  Thank you for your continued support.


Class Teachers 2012/13:     P1         Mrs Downing                                                         P6        Mrs Phillips

                              P1/2     MrsMcKeever                          P7        Mrs McKeown

                              P2/3     Mrs Gates                        N          Mrs Dumigan

                              P3/4     Mrs King                                                               N          Mrs Traynor    

                               P5        Mr Hawthorne